Newport News Shipbuilding begins work on the JMAF project in the north yard.

Heavy construction  began on April 18 with the driving of piles at the site. There will be over 800 piles driven over two months most of which will be near the river and away from the houses.

Out of courtesy to the residents and in accordance with city ordinances, pile driving will be restricted to not begin before 7:00 a.m. and not continue later than 7:00 p.m. Most of the pile driving will go from Monday through Friday, but it may continue on Saturdays as necessary.

This will be comparable to the pile driving that was done previously for the Areva project. At that time, NNS and the city worked to mitigate issues of vibration and did scientific monitoring for vibration. There was no vibration that occurred then and  monitoring will be used again this time to ensure that remains the case. However the noise will be real.

NNS is excited to begin the JMAF project and for the increased investment we will be making in the community through this project. NNS will continue to work with the North End Huntington Heights Preservation Association as the project continues.

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